The Issue

As of the 20th of December there has been a country wide ban on all education for young girls and women. Initially there was a partial ban and promises were made that this will eventually be lifted, unfortunately this is not the case.

Our Solution

We have classes still running independently for young girls, these classes currently teach the basics required to get an education from primary level up to high school level.

How does your donation help?

With your donations we are able to support teachers who are willing to stand up for the rights of women and provide education.

Donations go towards:

– Salary of the teachers

– Books and stationary for all students

– Sponsorship of students for classes

– Payment for use of secure and private spaces.

If you sponsor a teacher monthly then automatically we provide classes for 30 students and their stationary is covered.

NOTE: Private spaces and discretion are the only way to ensure our classes don’t get shut down, for this reason, unlike all our other projects we won’t be sharing images showing these classes or the locations, for the safety of our students and teachers.

We will instead provide quarterly stats on how many students are in our classes and teachers sponsored.

Thank you for your understanding.

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