The Issue

With the economic situation, many people lost their jobs, this happened on such a large scale, that 7 in 10 people were struggling to feed themselves. These were people with skills, qualifications and years of experience in their fields.



Our solution is to help people stop relying on aid, we will do this by creating small micro businesses, these are the things that the individual is skilled in, examples of this can include:

– Food cart for Chef ($300)

– Sewing Machines + materials for Widows ($250)

– Tools for trades person ($200)

– Movable cart store ($500)

– Large Fixed Store ($1500)

This will make the biggest difference, as people won’t be relying on aid anymore and instead will be able to support themselves once again.

How does your support help?

With your support we can cover the setup costs for these different micro businesses/enterprises

One off donation: Allocated once we reach the right amount to build a new business, starting cost $250

Monthly donation: Will be used each month to support a new person each time for their business

This is the way to get people away from begging for food and back into building their communities.

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