Sponsor a Family

Revive Afghanistan NZ has a few options to sponsor a family:

  • Feeding a family for a month.
  • Feeding a whole family for a month plus supporting education for 2 of their kids.
  • Feed a whole family for a month, plus supporting education for 2 kids and providing a roof over their head.
  • Custom – You put in a custom amount, and we decide where it’s most needed.

Starts from 70 USD (115 NZD) up to 140 USD (230 NZD)

100% Donation Policy with no admin fees being applied.

Our main focus is to ensure that we support the families in need, for this reason, we do not take any cuts or fees, however this doesn’t mean we don’t have admin fees, this is currently paid for out of the core teams own pocket, you can also help us cover this here.

Provide support to a large family in need.

With your support we can focus on supporting families in need and getting kids into school so that they can get an education and stay off the streets.

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Revive Afghanistan NZ
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