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Revive Afghanistan Trust
06-0185-0943071-00 Ref: Widow


The Issue

Afghanistan has had many conflicts and innocent lives are lost in the process, children left without parents, widows without their husbands, families without housing and many more sad situations. With this project we want to focus on supporting Widows and families in tough situations.


Our solution is to provide support to struggling Widows with access to water, food and the basic necessities which make day to day easier. This will help the widows and their failies.

This will be included in the form of a sponsorship on a monthly basis

135NZD per month (85 USD)

Which equates to only:

33.75NZD per week (21 USD)

If you’d like to make a one off donation too, please don’t hesitate every donation makes a difference

How does your support help?

With your support we can provide those struggling with the below:

– Food Packs:

50Kg flour, 20Kg rice, 10L Oil, Salt, Sugar, Tea, Water, lentils and other essentials

Sharing our campaigns also helps alot!