Fresh water, fresh beginnings

Providing fresh water to a community in need is the first step to rebuilding communities.

We can build a Water Well as a form of Sadaqah Jaariya (Ongoing Reward) for a family member/friend that may have passed away. This can include a note for those donating to make duah for them, on a stone plaque.

How do we choose our Water Well Location?

Throughout Afghanistan Water is needed, with over 70% of the population lacking access to clean water, the demand is high.

To determine our next Water Well location, we consider the following:

– How many families will it serve?

– Will it be near a school or educational institute?

– Are kids spending over an hour a day having to get water from far away sources?

– Is the current water supply a unclean/health risk?

What determines the cost of the Water Well?

One of our biggest aims is to provide Water throughout Afghanistan, and for this reason we do not charge any admin fees, below are the different things that determine the cost of the Water Well. Costs are determined prior to building.

The costs of the Water Wells always vary from location to location, due to the following:

Depth: How deep the well will be dug until a Water source is found, this is the largest cost of the Water Well, digging until a Water source is found, and this can be 20, 40, 60 or even 100 metres in some locations.

Solar: Once a Water Well is over 40 metres, it can no longer have a hand pump, and will then require a solar powered electric pump, that the locals can use to access the Water.

Container: The Water Container with taps and pipes ensures a continuous water flow, we highly recommend this if you’re thinking of doing a Solar Powered Water Well.

Location: Some locations have Water available quite easily, however many locations especially near the mountainous terrains requires deeper digging and heavier machines to break through the rocks.

Choose your next Water Well

Water Well

20 – 40 metres Hand Pump Water Well

Solar Powered
Water Well

40 – 60 metres, Solar Powered

Solar Powered Water Well with Container

Water Well 40-60 metres with a big container alongside it, with taps and pipes for local, Solar panels.

Deep Water Well 60-100 Metres

Deep Water Well 60-100 metres with a big container alongside it, with taps and pipes for local, Solar panels.

Contribute to next Water Well

Any amount given, once we have raised enough together, your contribution will go towards a well.

Repair Old Well

There are many wells not maintained in Afghanistan, they cost alot less to repair. Between 100 – 500 USD

Multiple Donation Options

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100% Donation Policy

70% of Afghans don’t have access to fresh water, water is fundamental to a good life. Many children travel long distances to get water for their families. This means instead of going to school to get education and help their communities they spend precious time finding water.


Afghanistan is an upstream nation which means, water is available however due to lack of infrastructure and the right tools getting access to this fresh water is very hard. Our Water Relief Projects focus on building wells that serve the community in different villages in remote regions.

How does your support help?

With your support we can help equip those villages which don’t have access to fresh water, we will provide them with the basic necessities to survive.

Your donation will support building:

– Wells

– Deep Water Wells

– Solar Powered Water Wells

– Hand Pumps Wells

– Maintenance of these Wells

– Repair of old Well

**Sadaqah Jaariyah for water wells in Afghanistan.

Sharing our campaigns also helps alot!