Fresh water, fresh beginnings

Prices are only indicative, can be lower or higher depending on geographic location and the depth of the well. The deeper the water well the higher the cost due to digging, this is determined prior to work starting.

Repair Old Well

There are many wells not maintained in Afghanistan, they cost alot less to repair.

Basic Water Well

10 – 20 metre Hand Pump Water Well

Standard Water Well

20 – 40 metres Hand Pump Water Well

Water Well Tower

Large container alongside well with taps and pipes for locals.

Deep Water Well

40 – 60 metres Electric Pump Water Well

Deep Water Well Solar

40 – 60 metres Solar Powered Water Well

Solar Pumped Tower

Deep Water Well 40-60 metres with a big container alongside it, with taps and pipes for local, Solar panels.

Water Well

Any amount, once we have raised enough together, your contribution will go towards a well.

water relief revive Afghanistan

Provide fresh water to a community in need, water is the first step to rebuilding communities.

100% Donation Policy

70% of Afghans don’t have access to fresh water, water is fundamental to a good life. Many children travel long distances to get water for their families. This means instead of going to school to get education and help their communities they spend precious time finding water.


Afghanistan is an upstream nation which means, water is available however due to lack of infrastructure and the right tools getting access to this fresh water is very hard. Our Water Relief Projects focus on building wells that serve the community in different villages in remote regions.

How does your support help?

With your support we can help equip those villages which don’t have access to fresh water, we will provide them with the basic necessities to survive.

Your donation will support building:

– Wells

– Deep Water Wells

– Solar Powered Water Wells

– Hand Pumps Wells

– Maintenance of these Wells

– Repair of old Well

**Sadaqah Jaariyah for water wells in Afghanistan.

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