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revive afghanistan nz is a registered new zealand charity


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Any questions or ideas in regards to our projects please don’t hesitate to reach out. As we take this journey our processes and the way we do things will become seamless and have the maximum benefit to those in Afghanistan

100% Donation policy, we don’t charge any admin fees, meaning all donations reach those we are helping.

Please note:

We can issue receipts for all donations received, however we aren’t tax deductible yet and are working on this. This is due to 70% or more of our donations being used outside of NZ.

Receipt Requests:

For receipts please email [email protected] and please provide:

Full name, date of donation, donation amount and we will email you back an email copy of your receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revive Afghanistan NZ take any fees or admin costs?2023-12-26T04:48:58+00:00

Revive Afghanistan NZ operates on an 100% donation policy.

This means we do not take any of the donations for operating costs. All operating costs are paid for by our core team from our own pockets, this means that all donations go to work on the ground. Our core team does not get paid for any of the work and it’s all voluntary to make a difference in Afghanistan. We also have Supporting Members who help contribute towards our 100% donation policy, you can also become a Supporting Member.

If you do want to find out more and contribute towards our operating costs please read more here:

Aren’t there already enough NGOs working in Afghanistan?2021-10-27T00:41:22+00:00

Afghanistan is facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis’s that it’s seen, unfortunately even with NGO’s on the ground the situation is getting worse, after the rapid withdrawal of foreigners from Kabul and a number of NGO’s withdrawing due to security concerns, the support that was once there is not there anymore. We are working with our close partners on the grounds to ensure we make a difference with the donations that come in.

Can Revive Afghanistan NZ ensure the money won’t go to sanctioned groups?2022-12-15T07:02:14+00:00

We are 100% confident that the money given by donors will not go to any group other than our own trusted partners on the ground, these are our volunteers who have worked with us previously. The funds given by donors are considered an Amanah (trust) and for this reason, we must utilise them for the reasons they were given ie. aid to those suffering.

With rising inflation in New Zealand and many of us struggling is it really the best time to ask for donations?2023-03-27T07:08:44+00:00

When it’s a time of crisis and alot of us are struggling, it’s really hard to understand why we would send funds overseas however it’s in times like these we come together and show we are all human and support each other. This appeal is for those who can support during times of struggle.

If you are in New Zealand and you’re struggling please reach out to us as we also work closely on the ground here in New Zealand too, to support our fellow Kiwis and families who can’t make ends meet.


Our local branch Al Kareem Welfare focuses on local appeals to ensure we are providing locally too, we also responded to the Auckland Floods and Cyclone-Impacted areas and have helped a total of 400 families during this time. The majority of the Hawkes bay region was impacted and we managed to support Auckland, Hastings, Gisborne, Napier, and Flatsmere during these tough times.

Do you also support other countries?2023-03-27T07:10:24+00:00

Revive Afghanistan NZ Trust was set up to specifically assist with the projects in Afghanistan however we also work with other local organisations to support other relief projects, this way we know the right people are managing the work on the ground.


We also helped raise funds for Turkey, and Syria after the major earthquakes of 2023 with the death toll surpassing 50,000 in both countries. We handed these funds over to local NGOs who were sending their teams to support on the ground.

How will you show donors that the funds are being used properly?2022-05-15T12:47:19+00:00

All registered charities here in New Zealand have their financial records available to the public via the charities register, on top of this we will be provided images and videos in our “Blog” section to show the difference your donations are making. You can also check out images and videos on our social media.