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Donation Policy

Understand our 100% Donation Policy, the benefits and also how you can help cover admin costs.

What does 100% donation policy mean?

However, this doesn’t mean we don’t have any admin costs. Our administrative costs include rent and utility bills for the office in Afghanistan, covering accounting fees, website costs, equipment hiring, and advertising costs which our core team pays from their own pocket to keep the charity going.

Our core team covers all these different administrative costs from our own pocket. We started Revive Afghanistan with the aim of keeping it 100% donation policy and will strive to keep it going.

Yes, you can, any amount you contribute will make the biggest difference.

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How to help cover administrative costs?

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Contribute towards administrative costs

Currently, our core team covers these costs from our own pocket, help us make this sustainable by contributing towards these costs as we grow.

Our aim is to keep Revive Afghanistan running as a 100% donation policy charity, and with your help, we can keep this charity sustainable.

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