When it’s a time of crisis and alot of us are struggling, it’s really hard to understand why we would send funds overseas however it’s in times like these we come together and show we are all human and support each other. This appeal is for those who can support during times of struggle.

If you are in New Zealand and you’re struggling please reach out to us as we also work closely on the ground here in New Zealand too, to support our fellow Kiwis and families who can’t make ends meet.


Our local branch Al Kareem Welfare focuses on local appeals to ensure we are providing locally too, we also responded to the Auckland Floods and Cyclone-Impacted areas and have helped a total of 400 families during this time. The majority of the Hawkes bay region was impacted and we managed to support Auckland, Hastings, Gisborne, Napier, and Flatsmere during these tough times.