Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Ramadan Support packages.

Quick background:

After the fall of the government, sanctions on Afghanistan, and the rapid rise in inflation, the majority of the country was in a situation like never before where they couldn’t afford basic essential items.


Our charity Revive Afghanistan NZ, based out of New Zealand created Ramadan Support Packs, that would provide families with food through the month of Ramadan and into the month after.

Our Standard Ramadan Support Packs included:

  • 50Kg Flour
  • 20Kg Rice
  • 10L Oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Matches
  • Lentils

Standard Packs included all these items, this would have lasted a family of 7 anywhere from the month of Ramadan up to 2 months and even more with the right conservation. Outside of this, however, we also distributed standard packs plus other items where needed as per the family’s necessities that were determined at the surveying stage.

Our Distribution details:

We distributed Ramadan Support Packages in the province of Nangarhar and Kunar


Details of costs during this time

Cost of a standard package: 5500 – 6500 Afghani (90- 95NZD)

Cost of packages with extra items: 6500+ Afghani (105+NZD)


Going forward

Our next steps are to ensure we keep feeding families which are struggling and won’t make it through the months ahead, however, micro-businesses and Orphan support is our next goal.


If you’d like to donate to one of these projects, visit our donate page and select the project you’d like to donate to.


Monthly consistent contributions, allow us to keep going on a long term basis.




Ramadan Support Packs

Revive Afghanistan NZ

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