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If you have seen a video on Social Media and want to help please check the status below and reference.

Cause #2

Kids were eating grass and dry bread because of no food, elderly parents with all disabled kids in Laghman.

Ref: Laghman1

Status: Completed

Outcome: Monthly Sponsor allocated (temporarily), permanent sponsor needed $110 NZD (70 USD) a month

Cause #1

Family who tried to poison themselves and their kids as they had no food for 10 days.

Ref: microbusiness1

Status: Completed

Outcome: We managed to assist with setting up a small micro-business.

How to donate?

We have many ways that you can donate.


Account Transfer (NZ)

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Ref: General, Widow, Orphans etc.

Reference should relate to the project, however if you have made a donation and want to let us know which project it’s for then contact us:


Whatsapp: +64211089023

Account Transfer (Outside NZ)

Revive Afghanistan NZ


Ref: General, Widow, Orphans etc.

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited




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Whatsapp: +64211089023

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We have many options available to sponsor an orphan, including food and education.

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Many widows are left as the sole providers for their families. Help them today.

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