Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Winter Relief packages for Kids.

Quick background:

Members of our leadership team recently visited Afghanistan they saw firsthand how bad the situation in Afghanistan had gotten from previous years and how many kids were on the streets begging, for this reason, Revive Afghanistan NZ focused on providing kids on the streets with warm clothes to make it through the cold and harsh winter of Afghanistan.

On November 2022 we kicked off our Winter Appeal in Afghanistan, this year we decided to focus on providing warm clothing for the Kids on the streets instead of a large food pack like previous Winter Appeals.


Timeframe: November 2022 till January 2023


Our Winter Relief Packs cost only $30 per pack (NZD) and included the following items:

  • Beanie
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Shoes


Revive Afghanistan NZ Nangarhar Team distributing in Jalalabad


With the donations raised we managed to provide the below support in 5 locations across Afghanistan:


  • 55 beneficiaries


  • 25 beneficiaries


  • 154 beneficiaries


  • 140 beneficiaries


  • 40 beneficiaries

Further details for Kunduz

We did provide 10 families with full food packages in this instance

The total number of people supported with these food packs was 40 of which were 10 widows and 30 kids

Each pack included the following and cost ($115 NZD):

  • 50Kg Flour
  • 21KG Rice
  • 10 Litres Oil
  • 3.5KG Beans and Onions
  • 7Kg Potatoes
  • Tea 500Grams
  • Salt


Total Support: The total number of people supported by our Winter Appeal from November 2022 to January 2023 was a total of 414 beneficiaries.

Revive Afghanistan NZ Nangarhar Team distributing for Winter Relief Aid


Going forward

Our focus has changed from providing individual food packs to a family unless it’s an emergency or urgent, we are focusing on micro businesses which cost only $100 to $200 to create that will then allow them to support themselves.


Next year we hope to increase our target from 400 winter packs across 5 provinces to 600 winter packs across 7 provinces including neglected areas like Nuristan and Laghman.


If you’d like to donate to one of these projects, visit our donate page and select the project you’d like to donate to.



Winter Relief for Kids

Revive Afghanistan NZ



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