Emergency Earthquake Relief – Rebuild Homes

Organisers: Amiri Care & Revive Afghanistan NZ

About the Organiser: Stand with Amiri Care to aid those affected in Herat by the earthquake, because compassion knows no boundaries

North Western Afghanistan was hit with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on the 7th of October 2023, followed by 3 major after shocks rocking the provinces of Herat and Baghdis.

Death toll has 2000+ confirmed dead and thousands more injured, this number is increasing as more information is coming out. Hundreds of houses were destroyed.

Revive Afghanistan will be rebuilding homes in the most impacted areas, rebuilding a home costs about 4000 Euro, together with your support we would like to help rebuild homes in Herat. Medium to Large size homes. Houses being built are following a set standard and will be built to ensure they are earthquake prone, cost also includes the removal of rubble of the once standing homes.

Multiple Donation Options

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