Current and Long Term Projects.


Flood Relief

Ongoing Projects

Setup Micro-Business
Sponsor a Family
Support an Orphan
Provide Water Relief
Feed the Vulnerable
Plant a Tree


Rebuild Herat Homes
Eid Qurbani/Udhiya
Sort your Qurbani today
Eid Gift Packs
Provide Eid Gifts

100% Donation Policy

All donations go towards the projects they are donated to, Revive Afghanistan does not take any administration fees.

Setup Recurring Payments

Why small but recurring payments help in the long run?

Consistent payments ensure we can keep our work going and can forecast how many people can be supported in a month.

Why not become a weekly or monthly contributor? from as little as $5 or $10 a week you can make a difference in the work we do.

Setup Recurring payment options with either Paypal or General options.

Long Term Focus:

  • Sustainable food packs
  • Building Wells
  • Building Schools
  • Supporting Small businesses
  • Developing Youth support movements

One donation at a time.

We have our own team on the ground in Afghanistan to ensure projects are completed and your donations are utilised to have the maximum impact.