We’re a Team of passionate Afghan Kiwis who want to make a difference.

We’ve seen how the situation has been deteriorating day by day and couldn’t sit by and watch millions of people suffer, our team has worked closely with many New Zealand based Charity organisations, alongside our local projects we have started the Revive Afghanistan NZ Trust to help those who are suffering in Afghanistan.

Our emergency appeals are crucial

Millions of people are below the poverty line, we have seen thousands of people not making it through the harsh winters and kids dead on the side of the streets after not being able to feed themselves or keep themselves warm.


Families Fed

Families are struggling to feed themselves after losing their breadwinners to war. Average family size is 7 members which means you’ve helped feed just over 2600 people.


Wells Built

Providing fresh clean water is crucial to a sustainable future for villages.


Orphans supported

With your monthly contribution, you can help support an orphan.

We are focusing on long term

By feeding families struggling we are giving them time to get back on their feet, with our projects alongside food packs we also have options to donate livestock which are super cheap (up to $20). This ensure ongoing produce for families.
With 70% of Afghans struggling to access freshwater, our Water relief projects allow us to dig wells and provide fresh water to villages, this helps save time and allow kids to go to school and not worry about walking distances to get water for their families.

We want to build schools that focus on getting the literacy rate up in Afghanistan but also extra curriculum activities like trade that allow students to go out and help their community and build the local infrastructure.

Our Goals

Support immediate projects

Feed the vulnerable including homeless, widows and orphans

Provide clean drinking water to villages

Educate with building of schools

Registered Charity

As a registered charity here in New Zealand all the donations that come in from donors will be available via the NZ Charities register. By following the NZ Charities act we will ensure all are documents are up to date and available to the public. REVIVE AFGHANISTAN NZ Charitable Trust (50082949), Charities number CC59835.

We follow a strict 100% donation policy and we don’t take any admin fees, our website expenses and other expenses are all covered by the team. This means all donations we receive make it to those impacted.

Our Team (NZ): Based out of Auckland, New Zealand

Our Teams (AFG): Based out of Nangarhar and Kunar provinces in Afghanistan

Please note:

We can issue receipts for all donations received, however we aren’t tax deductible yet and are working on this.

Receipt Requests:

For receipts please email [email protected] and please provide:

Full name, date of donation, donation amount and we will email you back an email copy of your receipt.

Inspired after seeing the work?