Supporting Afghanistan with Sustainable Projects

Afghanistan is in a dire situation and many can’t feed their families due to the economical struggles.

Most Needed

Emergency Flood Relief

Afghanistan has been hit with multiple flash floods impacting 20 provinces across the country.


Pay your Zakat today.

Revive Afghanistan ensures your Zakat only reaches those who are eligible for Zakat.

Revive Afghanistan operates on an 100% donation policy, meaning every dollar donated goes towards charitable purposes only. All administrative costs are covered by our core team.

Become part of the Revive family, when joining as an ongoing Supporting Member, your regular contribution will help to increase our impact and plan long term.

Support our Cause

Setup Micro Business

Sponsor a Family

Support an Orphan

Water Relief

Feed the Vulnerable

Provide Food Packs that can feed large families for a month

  • MOA Water Well Initiative

Water is Life

The Muslims of Auckland community in NZ has a target of 10 Water Wells to be built in Afghanistan, you can donate any amount towards the next Water Well.

  • Big difference, small cost

Cost of a coffee to support an orphan

With the cost of a coffee you can feed an orphan for a week

support and orphan revive afghanistan

A whole family fed, with the tap of a button

Tap now, any amount will help

Our Goals

Support Emergency Relief efforts.

Feed the vulnerable including homeless, widows and orphans

Provide clean drinking water to villages

Provide Education to young children.

Revive Afghanistan NZ, is an NZ based charity that supports afghans from New Zealand

We have our own team based in Afghanistan to ensure our projects are completed and your funds are in trusted hands.

Revive Afghanistan is based out of New Zealand, however we work closely with our teams in Afghanistan to keep projects running smoothly.

Revive Afghanistan NZ is a member of the Council for International Development (CID) and are working towards becoming a signatory to the CID Code of Conduct.

We make Supporting Afghans easier and transparent.

Lets make a change

Afghanistan needs your help! setup recurring payments to keep the support ongoing.

We will work to ensure all funds are fully transparent and document where all funds are used via videos, images and documents available to the public.