Food Support Packs

100% Donation Policy

With your support we can make a difference and help those that are struggling the most, any amount can help towards a food pack. Small donations also make a big difference.

Your donation will provide Food Support Packs which include:

– Rice, Flour, Oil, Sugar, salt, tea and beans.

With current rate packs cost around $120 – 130 NZD

This campaign is **ZAKAT ELIGIBLE** By donating to this campaign you will be fulfilling your Zakat obligations Insha Allah.

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The current situation.

As of right now 20 million Afghans are facing a famine impacting more than half the population, the level of hunger is something many have never seen before. The situation has gotten worse with the collapse of the economy and economic sanctions, more and more people need help. Donate to our Feed the Vulnerable in Afghanistan Campaign today and make a difference for those most in need.

With widows and children being hit the hardest the situation isn’t getting any better, many Afghans feel neglected as foreign aid has nearly dried up.

With the lack of jobs and economic instability families who once were able to keep food on the table are having to choose between feeding their kids or selling their organs, this is a reality and our team in Afghanistan has encountered it many times already.

Revive Afghanistan NZ has already delivered aid to over 1000 families in the last year, with food packs that provide a sufficient amount of food for a family for a month to two months.

Each one of our food packs contain:

  • 50KG Flour
  • 20KG Rice
  • 10L Oil
  • Salt
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Beans/Lentils

Revive Afghanistan NZ has the experience and our team need your help to keep our distributions going.

These food packs help families during Ramadan, Winter, the droughts and when they are left with no other choice but to have their kids looking for scraps on the streets.

Widows are left looking after their kids, and orphans left alone without support.

Make a difference today!