** CLOSED **

We aren’t accepting anymore Qurbani, anything received after this point will be refunded, we have removed the payment form below as deadline has passed now.

Prices increase as we get closer to Eid, due to the demand, we recommend getting in early, we will update prices accordingly as we get them from the local animal stock markets.


Qurbani / Udhiya meat will be distributed to the less fortunate, who haven’t had meat for months. Our team on the ground will sort this all out.

Account Transfer (Within NZ)

If you’re within NZ we recommend the account transfer method to avoid transaction fees.

Revive Afghanistan NZ

06-0185-0943071-00 Ref: Qurbani

One Portion: $114 (prices go up closer to Eid)

Bull Cost: $800 NZD (Up to 7 portions)

Small Sheep cost: $280

Bigger Sheep cost: $310

Account Transfer (Outside NZ)

Revive Afghanistan Trust


Ref: Qurbani

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