Urgent Refugee Support

The government of Pakistan has ordered 1.7 million Afghans it says are living in the country irregularly to leave by November 1st or be deported.

Hundreds of thousands have already fled the country to avoid prosecution and due to restrictions on what they can take back with them are now forced to live on the other side of the border without any shelter, food or water.

Many who had spent years building their lives in Pakistan were also not allowed to leave with more than 50,000 Pakistani rupees ($178USD) total and they were ordered to leave their livestock behind too.

The current situation has caused tens of thousands of families now to be displaced on the Afghan side of the border in Nangarhar and Kandahar province, without any support.

Revive Afghanistan will be providing aid to those who have no support after fleeing prosecution

These packs have slight different costs and depend on what families need, will be provided.

One Food Pack costs $130 NZD | 80 USD | 76| 63£ | $120 AUD

One Emergency Aid Pack costs $255 NZD | 152 USD | 145€ | 123£ | $244 AUD

One large Tent costs $310 NZD | 182 USD | 172€ | 148£ | $275 AUD

Food Pack Relief

Food Packs, that provide families with immediate access to food following their homes and access to food being removed.

Can last a large family 4 -6 weeks.

Emergency Aid Relief

Emergency Packs include all the basic necessities a household will need to support themselves during these tough times.

Will provide all needed items including Winter Kits.

Shelter Support

Large Tents that can provide shelter for families

Required for winter.

Urgent Support

Warm Food and water provided to all kids and families.

Fed onsite at the Refugee camps.

Thousands of Refugees are crossing the border daily.

Make a difference today.

Key Benefits:

– 100% Donation Policy

– Provide instant relief with Food Packs that will support large families.

– Emergency Aid ensures people have warm food, water access, warm clothing for winter and the key items to make it through this hardship.

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