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Revive Afghanistan Trust
06-0185-0943071-00 Ref: Winter

The Issue

We saw last winter how many families were struggling to keep afloat and make it through winter, we saw how many didn’t and this year we wanted to create a campaign that helped us support those out on the street, orphans, widows and anyone that’s vulnerable during winter


Support families during these tough times, give a winter Support Pack.

How does your support help?

With your support we can make a difference and help those that are struggling, we aren’t asking for a large sum, any small donation makes a big difference.

Your donation will provide Winter Support Packs for kids which include:

– Winter Clothing (Jackets, Beanies, Socks, Gloves, and shoes) ONLY $30

– Blankets + $25

Last year we managed to support 200 families with your donations and support, across 3 different provinces in Afghanistan.

Sharing our campaigns also helps alot!