Emergency Earthquake Relief

North Western Afghanistan was hit with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the 7th of October 2023, followed by 3 major after shocks rocking the provinces of Herat and Baghdis.

Initial reports had said that 300+ were killed and 1000+ injured, local authorities have now confirmed that 3000+ were killed and thousands more injured, this number is increasing as more information is coming out. Hundreds of houses were destroyed and people are still stuck under buildings.

A second major earthquake (6.3 magnitude) hit the same region on the 11th of October causing damage to 4 districts, leaving many families further isolated.

A third and fourth strong Earthquake of 6.5 magnitude struck the region on the 15th of October.

Revive Afghanistan will be providing aid in the most affected areas, with our 2 Emergency Relief pack options.

These packs have slight different costs and depend on what families need, will be provided.

One Food Pack costs $115 NZD | 70 USD | 65| 57£ | $110 AUD

One Emergency Aid Pack costs $190 NZD | 115 USD | 110€ | 95£ | $185 AUD

Food Pack Relief

Food Packs, that provide families with immediate access to food following their homes and access to food being removed.

Can last a large family a month.

Emergency Aid Relief

Emergency Packs include all the basic necessities a household will need to support themselves during these tough times.

Will provide all needed items.

Emergency Earthquake Relief Herat and Baghdis

Make a difference today.

Key Benefits:

– 100% Donation Policy

– Provide instant relief with Food Packs that will support large families.

– Provide Emergency support packs for families that have lost everything.

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People led campaigns

Campaign Led by Raihana Amiri

With one of the deadliest earthquakes to hit Afghanistan, we are raising funds to provide support through Revive Afghanistan.