Thank you to everyone who contributed to our projects during Ramadan.

Quick background:

This Ramadan we had two projects we focused on with your support:

  • We had our daily Iftaar meals being provided across 2 cities, this was over 1000 people fed weekly with your support.
  • We also had the Ramadan Monthly Support Pack, which was a large-size food pack provided to families in need that would support them for a whole month.

Timeframe: March 2023 till end of April 2023

Daily Iftaar Meals:

During the month of Ramadan, while people were fasting and still trying to make ends meet, our team with your support, prepared warm meals and distributed to those working on the streets so they could break their fast after a long day.

Preparing of Daily Iftaar Meals [IG Video]:

Distribution of Iftaar Meals [IG Video]:

Monthly Food Packs

During Ramadan many people supported families in need, as a Zakaat eligible project, we managed to raise enough to help over 300 families across 3 cities.

Revive Afghanistan NZ with the kids while distributing Aid.

Our Ramadan Support Packs cost only $105 per pack (NZD), that was 5000 AFN and included the following items:

  • Large Flour
  • Medium Rice
  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Lentis
  • Beans
  • Salt

Revive Afghanistan NZ distributing to families in need.

Revive Afghanistan NZ distributing to families in need.

With the donations raised we managed to provide support packs in 3 locations across Afghanistan, with a total of 350 Packs distributed.

Going forward

We identified many families who can work but are struggling to do so, for that reason, we are in touch now to get them set up for Microbusinesses.

If you’d like to donate to one of these projects, visit our donate page and select the project you’d like to donate to.


Ramadan Support Packs 2023

Revive Afghanistan NZ

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